History of Treasure Island, Florida

An island off the shore of St. Petersburg, Florida, the barrier island community of Prize Island happily boasts some of one of the most stunning, white sandy beaches in Florida. Originally populated by the Timucua Indians around 300 CE, the island as well as its people were almost damaged in 1528 by Pánfilo de Narváez. The area would not see one more human for quite a long time.

In the 1800s, Frenchman John Levique, a pirate, was claimed to have buried treasure on the uninhibited land. He would certainly escape to the island a number of times to hide from his adversaries, including one evening 1848, when Hurricane Gale swept with the island.

Levique awoke to see that the spot of his buried treasure had caught storm rise, with the island’s north end currently separated from it, producing a pass. In honor of the male who discovered it, the pass came to be called “John’s Pass.” The storm also split off two separate, small islands – Isle of Palms and also Island of Capri.

Levique’s existence and that of the actual prize is widely challenged, with some saying the ‘treasure’ was in fact an attempt by homeowner to attract site visitors to the peaceful angling village, which at the time, was only available by boat. Either way, the name “Treasure Island” stuck.

The very first hotel; on the island, called the “Coney Island” was integrated in 1915 by Whiteford Harrell. Quickly visitors took a trip to the location, yet were disappointed regarding the restricted accessibility to the island. The John’s Pass Bridge was constructed in 1927 to attach Madeira Coastline to the island, however tourists still experienced difficulty coming from St. Petersburg.

In 1938 the Treasure Island Embankment was developed to suit people traveling from St. Petersburg. The embankment offered car access from the city to the island, which drew in celebs and also various other dignitaries including Babe Ruth, who purchased a beachfront villa after his retirement from baseball in 1935.

Following the end of World War II in 1947, two even more resorts sprouted up along the coastline, and also nearby St. Pete Coastline, where the Don Cesar Hotel, formerly known as “The Pink Woman,” notoriously amused Al Capone, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Lou Gehrig, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In the 1950s, the area saw a residential real estate boom, and also in 1955 the city of Prize Island was incorporated. Homes and also waterfront neighborhoods were improved top of dug up product, which connected Island of Capri and Isle of Palms to the primary island.

As A Result Of Treasure Island’s strong property connections and quiet coastlines, the area today is a best year-round holiday location for households. Family members can lease either Prize Island Rental Condos or like the Great Young child did, a beachfront home.

An island off the shore of St. Petersburg, Florida, the obstacle island neighborhood of Prize Island happily boasts some of the most beautiful, white sandy coastlines in Florida. Levique awoke to see that the area of his buried treasure had actually yielded to storm rise, with the island’s north end now divided from it, developing a pass. The first hotel; on the island, called the “Coney Island” was built in 1915 by Whiteford Harrell. Things To Do In Isles of Capri Florida? Come visit us!